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      Company Profile

      Taizhou Senwei Wood structure technology Co., Ltd. Is specialized earlier in the design and construction of prefabricated wooden houses in China. It is located in the beautiful and historical city - Linhai and about a half an hour from Ningbo port and Wenzhou airport.the traffic is very convenient.
      Our company uses Canada SPF and Mongolian Scotch Pine which are both special wooden timbers. Compared with the traditional concrete houses,prefabrciated wooden houses have 10 advantages of excellent energy conservation,thermal insulation,earthquake-proof,sound insulation,moisture-proof, fire-resistant,durable,corrosion-resistant and speedy-construction.
      They are the fashion choice of the construction of luxury villas, private clubs, landscaped courtyard,upscale hotels, resorts and leisure clubs.
      As an evergreen tree of international construction sector,prefabricated wooden houses take root and grow up under the increasing emphasis on the concept of Health,Low-carbon environment-protection in China gradually. As one of the domestic industry of prefabrciated wooden house,Senwei "Home Time" takes the responsibility of building ecological houses and creating fresh and elegant, comfortable and environment-friendly living environment for you.
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