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      What is a wooden structure chalet?

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      Wood is a natural environmentally friendly materials from nature, can give a natural affinity, so much the people loved huts. From the morphology of the building divided huts and wooden structures can be divided into light and heavy wooden structure wooden huts, currently China's major application is the lightweight wooden huts. Below, the Chinese good huts to share some of the problems of wooden houses.
      Chalet wood structure
      Summary Global can be found wooden wooden structure has been widely used in the world, indeed all kinds of purposes, there is a residential apartment, there are as a commercial office building, for example, schools, restaurants, clubs and so on. In North America, especially the United States and Canada huts penetration is staggering, according to statistics, more than 95% of residents living in the wooden structure house, which is obviously not an ordinary wooden huts housing heat. In China's coastal cities and some inland earthquake-prone area, it has gradually emerged huts such an upsurge.
      Superior seismic performance of wooden huts is very good because strong performance, toughness of wood, it is possible to cushion the impact of the strong resistance by in a very short period of time, and the wood and elasticity, and therefore can have a strong effect of external forces in being response performance, it is the use of their huts resilience and toughness and cause of the collapse will not occur at the time of strong earthquakes.
      Perhaps you may say or have concerns and doubts that China is good for everyone to cite two huts on the world-famous examples of it, and that is the last century occurred in the Kobe earthquake in Japan and the United States in Los Angeles. The reason why these two major earthquakes and now also remember the people, it is because the occurrence of earthquakes in both places are very strong, with a strong destructive power, but after the earthquake, the road was severely damaged, but it shocked the world is a very small number of deaths or injuries in the earthquake, which is why? Thanks huts penetration in both countries is very high, after the earthquake huts under attack just undergone some deformation will not collapse, it saved many lives and property losses, but also because of this, later The Japanese government also explicitly supports to maximize the use of residential wood construction wooden houses.
      And another problem is that we are concerned huts can be used for many years? This problem is that we think there is not enough wood durable misjudgment, in fact, the durability of the wood that is not low, let me see wooden building in North America, they used wooden houses dating back to 200 years ago, and so far, 200 years ago, Chalet Some buildings still in use, and the use of more than 100 years of huts, is also prevalent in North America. In China, the wooden building is also very long time, for example, Beijing Forbidden City, pagoda, etc. time is up for thousands of years.
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