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      Maintenance of common sense list Cottages wooden flooring

      發布日期:2019-10-11 12:03 瀏覽次數:
      First: the case when the water vapor formed air-conditioned wooden floor fell the first time to wipe it clean, people like electric heating in winter heating, but can not directly compare the direct wood while the sun is not strong direct wood floor to avoid too dry and cracking.
      Second: If the wood floor is not careful stained with dirt to promptly put a small amount of detergent with a rag to wipe clean, or with warm, soapy water can be neutral, if more serious dirt can use steel wool or a relatively high-quality matte paper lightly clean, wooden floors Should be a cigarette burn surface, you can soak a cloth to wipe the furniture wax to restore luster.
      Third: Keep flooring dry, not too wet with water with a mop to mop the floor, or soapy water, salt water and other damage wood flooring bad materials, while maintaining each month should play a wax.
      Fourth: Family of wooden flooring should avoid direct sunlight, and the emergence of dry aging early, when the family's furniture configuration application such as carpet or a relatively soft rubber like paving.
      Fifth: do not take the place of the floor for a long time, do not use newspapers or other items obscured, so as not to cause the film made stained wood floors, while avoiding rice cookers, hot pots or other hot products carry direct contact with wood flooring, paint or hair loss caused by stick, apply additional materials such as wood to paving, wood can not be in direct contact with a hard tool to avoid scratching the surface.
      These are the Cottages wooden flooring maintenance methods, usually pay attention to several points mentioned above will undoubtedly improve the life of the wooden floor, Chinese good huts set out in this, I hope there is a demand for some users help.
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